I am a 24-year old Mechanical Engineer with a crippling adrenaline addiction and a love of technology! I fly every day to push my limits as an FPV pilot and to grow the sport of drone racing.



• ’15 Drone Nationals

• IDRA California Cup

• F3Expo Atlanta

• World Drone Prix Dubai

• SEFSD International Drone Day

• Propsman Drone Nats QUALIFIER (2nd Place)

• IDRA NA Cup West

• LAFPV Drone Nats QUALIFIER (2nd Place)

• ‘16 Drone Nationals NYC

• Multi GP Nat’l Champs (Serious 60)

• XDC Team Racing Fall ‘16

From the very first time I experienced weightlessness I was hooked. I used to get my airtime fx from motorsports, competing in everything from ATVs to off-road race trucks. I feel most at home on the race track, or at least trying to figure out how to get around it faster! I discovered the hobby of FPV fight during late 2014 after taking some time off from Off-Road Racing. Adrenaline deficient and hungry for competition, it was just the outlet that I needed. 

I spent the beginning of 2015 rekindling a passion for small electronics and radio control as well as falling in love with the sensation of fight afforded me by these new tiny racing drones. Later that summer I jumped into the sport of FPV racing headfirst by attending the Inaugural Drone Nationals in Sacramento, my first big race. After meeting many outstanding people who shared my passion for drone racing and whetting my appetite for competition, the rest is history!