In the first few months I was approached by one of my Instagram followers by the name of Clemenz Schwarz, with the request for a 4in VTail. His passion and his enduring patience with me inspired me. I replied that the only way I would do it is if we collaborated on the conception of the design. From the outset he was very clear that he wanted a unibody design. This was a first for me, as I have always focused on a multi-part build, so finding the right thickness, radii and proportions was at once more challenging and simple at the same time. As the concept matured, so did our discussions and a unique idea came forth. The idea to adjust the Center of Gravity at will. Could it be done? After some time experimenting and several conversations, we found a method to provide up to four opportunities to adjust the center of gravity! And thus the Merlin was born. 


Merlins are all about speed and agility while hunting. They are fast and low hunters, often not flying above 3ft off the ground! One of their favorite hunting styles is to startle their prey and ‘tail-chase’ them, catching them without much effort as they are one of the most able and versatile aerial predators. 

This was the spirit driving the Horus Merlin. Utilizing the unibody, it provided the opportunity to build a light but strong frame, using an all carbon tail. Taking from the experience of designing the Harpy, we optimized the geometry to match the VTail mixer in Cleanflight, and refined the camera mounting to be able to be used no matter the setup. 


The show piece of the Merlin, however is the ability to have two configurations in one. Versatility on this level has never been pursued in a VTail. This was Clemens' biggest idea, and we found that by simply swapping the top plate, from the top to the bottom, and flipping the camera plates, we had a whole other bird. Add in the ability to top or bottom mount the battery in either configuration and you have four unique CG points worth exploring. The highest CG point will allow for a twitchy airframe, with sharp turn-in; the lowest slows the response and provides a more docile response with slower turn-in. We hope you will utilize this capability to the fullest, tuning your setup for track conditions or personal preference. This is the spirit of the Merlin.


  • Collaborative Design
  • 2 Unique Configurations
  • 4 Available CG Orientations
  • Camera Tilt up to 90 Degrees
  • 3MM & 2MM 3K Carbon Fiber Plates
  • All Carbon Construction
  • Titanium Screws / Aluminum Locknuts  
  • 30MM Aluminum  Standoffs
  • PIDs Available Online
  • Future Accessories 


VTails can best be described as a hybrid of an airplane and a quad. It still has all of the flight mechanics of a quad but it definitely likes to be flown on the nose with the tail in the air. It likes the CG to be a bit forward and your turns to be coordinated (because of this, when you throttle up it likes to push forward so you may have to pull back on the elevator). Roll tends to self level a bit due to the degree of the rear feathers, allowing the pitch axis to really lock in. Yaw, as you can imagine is huge. Its a very interactive frame, needing you to be always on the sticks, tweaking and adjusting it. Overall it is challenging but in a good way. It actually pushes you to be very committed and to always fly fast,... in fact it demands that of you.