I'm a visual effects artist working on Hollywood blockbusters and Superbowl commercials. I also happen to be slightly into drones. I try to build and fly as much as possible during my spare time to improve my skills and contribute to the growth of this wonderful new sport that is FPV.

I started flying RC helicopters around 2010 and then quadcopters like blade mQX. In 2012 I started reading about this new thing called FPV and found it fascinating. In 2013 after a full year of reading about FPV I finally built my 1st DJI F450 and started flying FPV. I then quickly started to fly in a fast forward way and wanted to fly faster so I started to make my own mini quadcopter frames out of Balsa wood.

There was still no such thing as FPV Drone Racing so me and a few other guys started talking about it. I won the first two AerialGP in the open class and then decided to keep flying strictly as a passion and not compete. I have since been focusing on building better and cooler drones and honing my flying skills and acting as an ambassador to the sport.

As a test pilot for Horus drones and APC props, I thrive by providing suggestions and opinions in exchange of amazing products to test and showcase.