The Slipstream is the first X-style airframe from Horus. Originally, we had no intention of designing X-style airframes as the market had been saturated and little innovation was left in the geometry. That was until I was at the AerialGP Velodrome race. Unquestionably, one of the best and most fun races I have ever been to, the employed a different format, focusing on long duration, 20-lap heats. 

Observing, my brain began to churn, thinking of now the geometry could be optimized and I had developed a theory. This was reinforced by similar moves being made in the market by SkyHero and RaceFlight.

As the theory grew, I developed a range of geometries to test. Horus pilots spent tens of hours trying each geometries to find the design that was optimal for all types of flying.

We decided we came to a decision between two final geometries. Internally referred to as XL2 and XL3. XL3 being the longest was a 233mm frame and we discovered that without massive torque, some unwanted consequences would arise from the design and opted for the XL2 because it was more consistent across a range of power outputs. We also felt that the XL3 was more of a pure-line racing machine, whereas the XL2 could compete in freestyle, racing and hybrid races which incorporate both.  

Utilizing 3D printed parts, we integrated the camera mount, video-transmitter mount and receiver antenna mounts in to a clean and tight package, allowing for a light weight racer. 

All in all I'm very happy with the results. During the testing phase, many of the test pilots actually sidelined their fleet to fly the Slipstream exclusively, even without sponsorship, they liked the frame that much. 

And for me that says everything. 


  • Stretched-X Geometry
  • Camera Tilt up to 90 Degrees
  • 4MM & 2MM 3K Carbon Fiber Plates
  • TPU Camera, Pigtail VTx and Antenna tube mounts
  • Titanium Screws / Aluminum Locknuts  
  • 30MM Aluminum  Standoffs
  • Future Accessories 

How is the "Stretched-X Geometry" different to fly?

The Slipstream locks you in to your racing line, allowing you to reach new speeds and take turns faster than ever before all the while, not restricting you from doing freestyle tricks! Having a tight roll axis allows you to take turns incredibly fast, while a longer pitch axis slows down your pitch response; which allows your forward tracking to feel less twitchy and much more locked in. Frames that are too long are not acrobatic enough, frames that are too short do not lock in. The Slipstream is just right.


I am so confident in my carbon fiber and my frame design that if you happen to break an arm, send it back to me and I will send you a replacement arm, free of charge, just cover the shipping costs. Period.