Meet the Horus Slipstream Micro. All of the badassery of the 5in frame in a micro package. In fact, the geometry is the same, making this micro fly exactly like its bigger brother, while being smaller and easy to thread through the tiniest of gaps. 

The Slipstream is one of the only stretch-x micros, bringing the new standard of racing, in to the micro world. It retains all of the qualities of a stretched-x frame. 

I am confident that the Slipstream Micro is the only frame designed as a stretch-x, and fits both FULL SIZE PDB and FC's as well as the FuriousFPV PikoBLX flight controller and stack. In addition, it fits a full size camera, so no need to run tiny proprietary cams!


  • Stretched-X Geometry
  • 4MM & 2MM 3K Carbon Fiber Plates
  • TPU Camera and Antenna tube mounts
  • Titanium Screws
  • Nylon standoffs and nuts  
  • 30MM Aluminum  Standoffs

How is the "Stretched-X Geometry" different to fly?

The Slipstream locks you in to your racing line, allowing you to reach new speeds and take turns faster than ever before all the while, not restricting you from doing freestyle tricks! Having a tight roll axis allows you to take turns incredibly fast, while a longer pitch axis slows down your pitch response; which allows your forward tracking to feel less twitchy and much more locked in. Frames that are too long are not acrobatic enough, frames that are too short do not lock in. The Slipstream is just right.